Karen Emanuel

Key Production

Karen is an award-winning entrepreneur who started off her music and entrepreneurial journey as Events Sec at Leeds University, DJ-ing and booking Indie bands.

Her love of music led her to a short career at Rough Trade Distribution where she started as a receptionist and ended up as Head of Production.

Karen started Key Production back in 1990.  Through several acquisitions including Think Tank Media, and more recently Breed Media and Modo Design and Production, Key has become the largest broker in the UK, a team of over 50 people across various sites, specialising in vinyl, bespoke packaging, global sourcing, project management and high end promotional items for both music and other industries.

Karen has also set up a small property company, and whilst on holiday in Nicaragua, bought an island on which she built a small sustainable hotel.

Not content with just running her companies, Karen now mentors as well as working with the business school in Leeds, helping to inspire future entrepreneurs. She also provides a “Women in Music Bursary” for Tileyard education.


  • Vinyl Isn’t Going Anywhere, But Up
Vinyl Isn’t Going Anywhere, But Up

11.30 – 12.15

Thursday, 14 Feb

Vinyl revenues continue to grow, in spite of significant decline in CD sales. The format is about more than just owning the music. Our expert panel look at what is selling and explore how to maximise revenue from Vinyl, for artists of all sizes.

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