Catherine Lückhoff

Swipe iX, (South Africa)

CIO at Swipe iX, business innovation consultants and digital innovation agency specialising in custom built software, platforms & apps. Formerly, Catherine was  the founder of NicheStreem, a fully automated PaaS solution for music and audio streaming. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, she is fascinated by technology, smart humans, start-ups and innovation, especially in Africa, and has worked extensively with operators, OEMs, labels, corporates and brands throughout the continent.

In her career Catherine has been named one of the Mail & Guardian’s “200 Young South Africans”; was recognised in the Topco Top Women in Business and Government; included in the first Old Mutual Do Great Things guide and most recently featured in the Sunday Times Women in ICT report.

She is passionate about mentoring and does so for programmes such as TechStars, #FutureFemales, Sw7, Launch Weekend, Innotech and Spark-Up.Catherine is a nominated member of the African Leadership Network and a judge for the GSMA Glomo Awards.


  • Facial Recognition For Music?!
  • We Need To Talk About Playlists
Facial Recognition For Music?!


Thursday, 14 Feb

Facial recognition has a number of possible applications in the music space. A technologist and an innovator, Catherine takes us through the key opportunites.

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We Need To Talk About Playlists

14.00 – 14.45

Thursday, 14 Feb

Playlists are the modern consumption mechanism, somewhere between mix tapes and radio. Yet playlist placements are increasingly competitive, and some playlists are lengthening to meet demand, potentially diminishing their power. Do they drive meaningful artist discovery? Or do they dilute attention across many lesser known artists? Do consumers even remember the names of artists or songs? We need to talk about playlists.

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