Following the continued success of our flagship conference in Amsterdam over the last four years, and our more recent expansion into international markets with FastForward: London and FastForward: Sydney (as of 2017), the FastForward conference series now operates three sold-out annual conferences across two continents, with delegates flying in from all over the world.

Each conference offers a combination of ground-breaking keynotes, panel discussions, our specialist ‘FastFifteen’ mini-keynote presentations, cutting-edge tech activations, and intimate networking opportunities with delegates and speakers from across the music, media, technology, and entertainment sectors.










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Visit the FastForward Sydney website. Next conference: April 2020.

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Visit the FastForward London website to learn more.

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Visit the FastForward Amsterdam website to learn more about our flagship event.

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  • What is FastForward?
What is FastForward?

FastForward is a boutique music business conference aimed at connecting the next generation of music industry leaders, to help lay the foundation for a sustainable career in the modern music industry.

  • What is The Vision for Fast Forward?
What is The Vision for Fast Forward?

“We started FastForward to connect, engage, and inspire the next generation of music leaders. The response from the industry has been fantastic, the concept has resonated incredibly well, and we really feel that we have connected with a network of people who want to build a better future together.

It’s almost four years ago that FastForward was first conceived. Since then, we have run four sold-out events in Amsterdam, delivered two condensed versions of the event in London, and have since expanded into Australia with the launch of FastForward: Sydney.

It has been a really interesting journey; we have had people travel from over 20 countries, as far reaching as Canada, the USA, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Brazil, Japan, and Lithuania.

We have watched as a panel descended into a swearing-based drinking game and we have battled the elements to get to Amsterdam with epic post-BRITS hangovers, in what many described as ‘the worst flights of their lives’.

We have debated key issues about our industry at length in a refreshingly inclusive environment, and made a lot of new friends along the way. We can’t wait to see how FastForward grows in the years to come.”

Chris Carey, Founder

  • What Makes FastForward Different?
What Makes FastForward Different?

Our events are different from the ‘standard music conference’ in three ways.

Firstly, it is forward facing. There is no time spent yearning for years gone by, but rather FastForward gathers a dynamic group of future leaders who want to shape the future of the industry now.

Secondly, it is a deliberately small event, designed for more meaningful networking & discussion, with an event capacity of 180 people – around 50 of whom will speak across the two days. As such there are no showcases, with the focus on connecting with business and creative talent.

Thirdly, the highly specialized ‘FastFifteen’ sessions allow speakers to explore complex topics, ensuring that experts can learn from their peers in a more intimate setting.

  • Is FastForward For Me?
Is FastForward For Me?

Whilst the conference has a reputation for attracting young industry attendees, the overall ambition of the events is to gather forward-thinking people of all ages. By limiting the attendance numbers, our events allow for deeper, more meaningful networking. Those establishing themselves in the industry who want to expand their network, rather than those who are fully established already, will find it most valuable.

FastForward also exists to highlight emerging talent so that when other conferences are looking for someone different who is really good at marketing, management, music tech, or in the gaming space and beyond, our line-up can be a point for people to call upon, and to showcase some of the excellent industry business and creative talent out there.


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